New day surgery unit 

University Hospital of North Staffordshire is installing a state-of-the-art mobile day surgery unit to improve access times for its patients. The new unit, provided by Vanguard, is completely self-contained and comprises of all elements of a surgical theatre from a patient waiting area, a dedicated procedure and treatment room through to discharge lounge. The unit will be on site for four months, with 800 patients receiving treatment from UHNS surgeons and anaesthetists, alongside Vanguards' own nursing staff.

Michele Gibbs, deputy associate director of surgery, said: "The creation of this mobile day surgery unit will bring huge benefits to our patients. As the centre of excellence for the North West Midlands and North Wales we aim to provide high quality, safe and sustainable clinical services for a population of 2.25 million people. What we have seen this year especially is a growing number of patients choosing to have their treatment here at UHNS. We needed to increase capacity for these patients in the short-term as we look to increase capacity later this year."

The Vanguard Day Surgery Unit, which will be situated adjacent to the Lyme Building, will be fully commissioned in readiness to start operating from Monday 3 March. The unit will be operational six days a week between 7am and 10pm. There are already 46 units across the UK being used to treat patients.

Mr Robert Courteney-Harris, medical director, said: "As an ENT surgeon I'm looking forward to seeing the new unit in action. Although temporary buildings have been used in the past by the NHS I don't think I've ever seen one as sophisticated as this. With the technology it will have available and the expertise of UHNS staff working within it, we will be able to deliver the same excellent standard of care that we would within our existing buildings. In addition to treating additional patients, the unit will ensure that UHNS meets its commitment to treat its patients with 18 weeks."


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