The Hospital Chaplaincy Service

 Left to right: Rev. Leo Varquez, Rev. Chris Wright, Rev John Austerberry and Fr. Eric Kemball

The Chaplaincy service provides spiritual, religious and pastoral care to patients, visitors and staff of any faith or no faith, and they are happy to assist you during your stay. You can contact the Chaplaincy Team by asking a nurse, or by making a referral on: 01782 676400

Normal working hours

8.30am to 4.30pm, including weekends. 24-hour On-call referrals and calls, including evenings and weekends, for urgent

Location of the Prayer Centre - Open 24-hours

The Prayer Centre is on Lower Ground Floor 2. Follow the signs for Lift C from the Main Entrance

The Prayer Centre includes the following:

  • Chapel
  • Mosque
  • Contemplation Room with washing facilities - a quiet space for reflection
  • Chaplains' Office

Services in the Chapel

  • Sundays 9.30 am Church of England Holy Communion
  • Mondays 5.00 pm Roman Catholic Mass
  • Fridays 11.45 am Roman Catholic Mass

 The Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplains work together as an ecumenical chaplaincy Team. The Chaplains are:

  • Father Eric Kemball - Roman Catholic Chaplain (whole-time)
  • The Rev. John Austerberry - Church of England Chaplain (whole-time)
  • The Rev. Leo Varquez - Church of England Chaplain (whole-time)
  • The Rev. Chris Wright - Pentecostal Free Church Chaplain
  • The Rev. Stuart Hickerman - Locum Chaplain 

The Locums Chaplains are:

  • The Rev. Nita Edwards - Church of England
  • Father The-Quang Nguyen - Roman Catholic
  • Father Peter Weatherby - Roman Catholic
  • Rev Neil Adlington - Roman Catholic

They are supported by Chaplaincy volunteers as Eucharistic Ministers, pastoral visitors and at the Sunday Service. The ward/department has a poster identifying the Hospital Chaplains and listing their religious affiliations. You are welcome to talk to them as they visit or you can ask for a Chaplain to visit you

Provision for Other Faiths

The Chaplaincy Service seeks to provide for the religious needs of various faith groups. You may prefer to contact a representative from your own particular faith community. The Chaplaincy has contacts with various local faith groups throughout the community and nationally. We are happy to try to help you make contact with a representative to meet your needs.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Chaplaincy for more information.

Patient Confidentiality

All matters are dealt with in confidence. Patient information is always held by all NHS staff, including Chaplains, in confidence. The Chaplaincy service has access to a very limited amount of patient information collected by the Trust. Chaplains are routinely notified of the admission and discharge of patients to enable them to arrange visits. This information provides the Chaplaincy service with personal information such as your name, address, religion, and ward details. If you do not wish the Chaplaincy service to have access to this personal information please contact a member of staff. The Chaplaincy service does not access any of your treatment or clinical details.

The Chaplaincy Team provides a 24 hour service including response to emergencies out of hours


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